Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oops! Did I do that?

So this weekend I tried helping Dara around the house. I admit I have my moments but this weekend was rough. Friday after work I felt bad that hadn't been doing enough around the house and after working it out with Dara we decided to get ready to go out on a date. After getting out of the shower I thought I'd clean up our spare bedroom while Dara was getting ready in the bathroom. I folded blankets and put them away and then I turned to the nice paper shredder we bought. I fed some old documents into the machine and realized that something was getting caught in the teeth. A plastic trash that had been used to catch the paper was bunched up inside and the teeth caught a hold of it and wrapping it around and around. I sat frantically trying to pick out the plastic. Dara soon discovered what I had done and it wasn't easy for her to set aside or ignore my stupidity. I still feel bad about the shredder even though it works to an extent. It is mangled.

It that wasn't enough icing on the cake, On Monday we went to see Dorthy, Trever and Chloe (Dara's Sister and Brother-in-law and their little girl)in Salt Lake City. Again while Dara was getting ready I decided against Dara's request (SO VERY FOOLISH!) to turn the vacuum on. I thought I was doing some good. The result of this disobedience caused an overload in the circuit that Dara's blow dryer was also plugged into. Now not only are three power outlets out but so is the dishwasher and the garbage disposal which apparently share that same circuit. Dara is so kind to me and she tries so hard to be patient with me. I don't blame her at all for getting a little upset. I am grateful for her forgiving nature. I wonder if I'll ever learn that rushing in to do something quick rarely ever works out according to plan. I should just listen to my wife and stop doing things that might blow up in my face. Will I ever learn? (The electrician should be coming soon to look at the problem.)I have an amazing wife who recognizes everything that I do that is right and will let me know if I'm doing it wrong. I have become a far better man than I have ever been in these last five months with Dara. She is inspiring to me and I love her so much.


Steven and Caitlin said...

oh man, sorry to hear that, ryan! i hope the electrician can fix everything! haha. funny story, though!you guys are awesome!

Beth said...

haha! Poor Ryan...never listened to his sisters, at least you listen to your wife. :) lol. That's a cute story. You guys are so funny. So did Dara get her hair blow dried?

Dorothy said...

new post please

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