Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chunky Bling

Hey everybody, I have been entered into a contest and would love to have your vote! Vote for my name: tins, swirls, and twirls!! Thank you...Please go now!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Pictures Post

Today Ryan is putting up the Christmas tree for the family. I feel sad for him because he broke his headphones while in the process of making the tree stand straight. He won't throw them away because they have sentimental value and it made me giggle(not in a mean way, but because he looked EXTREMELY sad). Guess what he put on his Christmas list...headphones. I believe that he is putting the lights on the tree. He keeps running in and out of the room. He bought new songs on I-tunes today (Weezer) and he has been listening non-stop. Oh and a really great thing he did today, was run to meet me at the car when I got home from work.

Guess what!? You are reading the blog of a seminary couple...meaning, Ryan and I are teaching EARLY MORNING seminary this week. We are the substitutes...guess what we do before we leave for seminary? We kneel and pray together (just like you did before you left your house for the day as a missionary with your companion). The only difference is I get to give him a big, fat smooch when the prayer is over. I NEVER gave my companions big, fat smooches...just tiny ones on the cheek. We are teaching for the Lake Ridge 2nd ward and they start at 6am. It has really been fun. Ryan looks really cute teaching. Today I got to hold his hand during the movie we showed about the Atonement. I love teaching with my husband...especially today as we talked on the Atonement. I really love hearing his testimony and seeing his eyes light up as he teaches because he feels that what he is saying is so true. I appreciate that about a testimony. It is something you feel and not anything that anybody forces on you. It's a personal thing that enlightens your view on this wonderful life we have and the Eternal Plan of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I will live with Ryan forever. I am always going to smooch him after prayers...

P.S. TLC has a billion shows about little people. I do not mind...I watch the shows sometimes...but how many shows do we need to see about little people? When will there be a show about big people? I mean bigger and taller than you and me put together! That is REALLY tall, kinds of big people.

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