Friday, May 13, 2011

a long time coming...

oh goodness me, it's 245 in the morning and i just cannot sleep. i'm not sure why i'm awake so early, but here i am. lil d is participating in a half ironman so i'll have to be up in about 1.5 hours anyways...i suppose i'm getting a head start.

ryan got accepted to uva!! we are so excited:) he will start in the fall. he is working on getting financial aid, being accepted to the air force rotc...and we are working on finding new/cheaper/safer housing. it is all very exciting. work for both of us is going.

back in the day, when i would pick lil'd up from highschool, she was very embarrassed by me. i would get my friends to come with me to her basketball games or golf tournaments and i always made signs and screamed for her and routed for her. i would also go pick her up after practice in the crown vic and yell and honk out the window that i was here to get her. to me it was funny and today, to us, it is funny. well for the half ironman today-ryan made tshirts, lil'd and i made cardboard signs (who care if they get wet), we painted our car, and we have 2 cowbells to scream and route for her. i'm excited...i love this stuff. my children should prepare themselves because i am totally on their side and i'll be in the stand routing for them-band, sports, drama doesn't matter, i'll be there (and most likely, ryan will too). get excited lil'd, today is all about you. you got it girl...woot woot...GOOOO LIL'd!!!

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