Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Slammin' Tim Tams

Christmas season has officially arrived! Tim Tam cookies (from Pepperidge Farms, available at Target) have officially been stocked on the shelves. Nothing says Christmas time more than slamming Tim Tams. Tonight we had our first official slam of the season.

First, you take the cookie and bite a hole in 2 opposite corners...

Then you suck Hot Chocolate through the opposite corners until you feel the cookie become moist with goodness...

IT'S TIME TO SLAM- put it in your mouth and feel the good chocolaty taste of the cookie melt in your mouth

It really is that easy...You can become a pro on your first attempt. The Baird's taught me, the Lewis' taught them...really it's a loved, handed down tradition.

Now excuse me, Ryan is setting a mouse trap...

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