Monday, December 12, 2011

The Arrival of Baby Beautiful

This is the morning of the scheduled C-Section

a close up of her cute face

And the naked, screaming baby pic

12/6/11-Add this day to my favorite days ever

Lillian Gabriela Baird was born into our family at 9:36am on 12/6/11. She weighed in at 8lb 4 oz, 20.5 inches long, and beautiful as can be. We love her, she is perfect and the most beautiful child that I have ever laid eyes on.

At 32 weeks, I asked the OBGYN doctor to see if he could tell me her position-she was in a perfect position for delivery, but she fooled us! I was going into the Doctor's Office 2x/week because I was having swelling and my blood pressure was being monitored. At about 36 weeks, my stomach was measuring big (at 40cm) and the Nurse Practitioner wanted me to get an ultrasound. Within 2 miliseconds, the tech told us that Lillian was breeched, with her head around my right rib cage (which is why it was also difficult to breath walking anywhere). She was still measuring where she should be, but we were able to schedule a C-Section at 39 weeks. I was offered the opportunity to have version, but I quickly turned that down and thought the C-Section would be the best option. After speaking with the nurse, the date was set for 12/6/11 @ 9:15, arrival at 7:15 to Martha Jefferson Hospital, Dr Matthew Montgomery would be the delivering doctor.

Everything continued to go smoothly and we were able to get everything prepared at home (to the best of our ability). 12/6/11 is one of the happiest days of our lives. She was delivered butt first and started crying as soon as they were suctioning her off. Ryan was able to watch Lillian come out and was with her the entire morning, even helping with her first bath. The first bath took awhile because her body temperature was too low and she had to sit under the lamp.

During the procedure, my blood pressure was dropping and I was throwing up...I felt extremely nauseous. I had been pumped with fluids for such an occasion, I felt like I was floating. The spinal block was painful and at one point, I thought I was going to shoot off the table with pain as the medication was put in. Ryan was dressed as a smurf and he couldn't come in until after they had started cutting me. He held my right hand behind the drape and I was situated leaning slightly to the left. Ryan asked when he could take pictures and the doctor responded as soon as she was pulled out...within minutes (it felt like seconds because I was going in and out of it), Lillian was pulled out and Ryan was leaving my side to be with her:). The anesthesiologist told me to look to my right and I could see my baby-and low and behold, there she was, looking at me...with a look of question "that's my mom?" and I was thinking "that's my baby?" She was so wide eyed and looking around and then started screaming. I was sewed up and went into the recovery room. The anesthesiologist (Dr Stadler) asked if I wanted medication to help me sleep and all I could think of was "no, I want to hold my baby and breastfeed." So, I wasn't given much of the medication and waited for Ryan to come back. He came to my side with Lillian and I tried holding her, but hadn't regained my strength. Ryan talked to me and the nurse was trying to monitor my blood pressure and body temperature which was going crazy. I again asked to hold my baby and she was placed in my arms and mouthed her way to my breast and started sucking away-knowing exactly what to do. Ryan then took Lillian to the nursery to be bathed and I went to our room and rested.

I could not stand being stuck in the bed-at 5am the next morning, I asked to my have urine catheter removed and the leg pumps that help blood circulation, so that I could stand up and take a shower. It was difficult, but with Ryan's help (and help from the nurse), it was accomplished and I felt so much better. I got up every day and walked around the floor to gain my strength back. I was not allowed to pick the baby out of her basinet by myself, so I asked Ryan to hand her to me often. She liked sleeping on my chest and sleeping in my arms. She was such a cute bundle of baby. I feel like such a happy mommy to have such a wonderful, healthy baby. She has an awesome daddy that loves to sing to her and hold her. It is nice to be home and have so much help from both our families...She has 2 sets of grandparents, a couple of uncles, and LOTS of aunts that love her and enjoy taking care of her.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Baby Update

Baby time is right around the corner. I'm not sure who is more excited, Ryan or I?! My baby is big...I'm not exaggerating-of course there are always bigger babies out there, but Lillian is gonna be a big one! 2 weeks ago at her ultrasound, she was 7lb 7oz....that's my girl:) At her ultrasound, she also showed us that she is breeched...more specifically "Frank Breeched." That's my favorite breech position that we learned about in Child Birth Class-she is pretty much in a 'v' position holding up her legs. She is probably using my rib as a pull up bar because she used to be low and now she is really high. At 32 weeks, she was head down and right in a good position, getting lower each day-well between 32 and 36 weeks she changed position and is now riding high. Already with a mind and might of her own...

So what can you do-you schedule a C-Section-and I'm okay with that. Right now, with planning involved, she will come December 6th (hopefully in a wooden shoe, set out by St Nick-that's St Nick day ya know, put out your shoes)...Obviously she'll be precious and beautiful-and BIG. Oh I can't wait to hold my baby burrito and to see Ryan as she gets wrapped around his little finger-or does he get wrapped around her finger? Either way, he's going to be such a happy daddy-and so proud too.

However, if she decides she will be coming between now and 12/6/11...I would most likely start labor and go in for an "emergency" c-section...the only reason it would be emergency is because it wouldn't be planned and my OBGYN's office policy is not to deliver a breeched baby vaginally-and realy that is OKAY with me. I'll take Lillian whenever she is ready, so will Ryan, I'm sure of it!

In other Baird news, Ryan is finishing up classes...guess when his last day is!? It is 12/6/11 and he is scheduled to miss it, but he doesn't mind. He is really smart and I know he'll have amazing grades. He is also working hard at CustomInk and loves it. And to top that all off, he is doing very well in the Air Force ROTC. He looks really good in his uniform, it doesn't matter if it is his blue uniform, khaki and tshirt uniform, or pt uniform...he is looking mighty fine. I am working, and yes, full-time...I'd get bored at home sitting around waiting...let's be honest, the house isn't getting any cleaner whenever I am home (and Ryan puts up with me). I am taking naps when I get home from work which help me feel wonderful and able to stay up and talk with Ryan a little after he is done with work. I am not teaching Exercise Classes for the rest of the semester and will start back up mid January. My feet are BigFoot Feet because they are swollen and 3x the normal size-I feel like they could burst open at any time! I wear the same smelly flip flops every day...and Ryan has been instructed that if I wear them home from the hospital, they must be thrown away the VERY first thing we do when we enter the house.

And there is a quick update on Baby and the Baird's in Charlottesville:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The growth of Gummy Baird

Hello, we are all still alive and doing well. For those of you who are unaware...we are going to have a baby. I am 28 weeks pregnant with Gummy Baird-real name to be Lillian Gabriela Baird, and yes, she is a girl. Here are pictures of the growth of baby and of me...

Here is where Gummy got her name...she looks like a floating gummy bear holding a balloon. Here, I was about 6.5 weeks.

Here is Lillian in her ever growing form. Really just a cranial picture...from another view she seemed to have my Bjarnason honker nose and Ryan's double jointed fingers and toes. She gave us thumbs up, hand laid back on her forehead...she uses the placenta as a pillow and kicks her legs around all the time. The other night, her foot was poking out of my tummy about 3 inches above my belly button.

Here I am at 12 weeks...and I was illiterate on the day because it was Sunday may 29, not 30th.

Here I am at Ryan's half sister, Leslie's wedding in Macon, Ga. I am 16 weeks pregnant (June 24th, 2011)

And here I am, today- 9/18/11 at 28 weeks. Same tee as 6 weeks...Things are going well for the most part. I am losing feeling in my hands at random times and my feet are getting huge because they are so swollen...but somehow, Ryan helps me manage. I couldn't be living the pregnant life without him (well literally, it is true)...but he helps me so much and takes care of me when I randomly start crying or can't even function to get into bed. Who knew that growing a baby was so EXHAUSTING. I am teaching classes at the Fitness Center, Aquatone, WalkFit, and a 30 min Spin you can see, it helps me keep my slim figure. Lillian moves all the time and does NOT like when I lay on my left side..I always get a good, hard kick when I try to do it. Ryan and I have spent a little bit of time getting the nursery has been fun. Even with Ryan being so busy, he is always available to help me and to listen. He always talks about holding Lillian and all the things that he will do with her so that I can rest. I appreciate him and I am glad that he is my best friend, husband, and soon to be father!

Friday, May 13, 2011

a long time coming...

oh goodness me, it's 245 in the morning and i just cannot sleep. i'm not sure why i'm awake so early, but here i am. lil d is participating in a half ironman so i'll have to be up in about 1.5 hours anyways...i suppose i'm getting a head start.

ryan got accepted to uva!! we are so excited:) he will start in the fall. he is working on getting financial aid, being accepted to the air force rotc...and we are working on finding new/cheaper/safer housing. it is all very exciting. work for both of us is going.

back in the day, when i would pick lil'd up from highschool, she was very embarrassed by me. i would get my friends to come with me to her basketball games or golf tournaments and i always made signs and screamed for her and routed for her. i would also go pick her up after practice in the crown vic and yell and honk out the window that i was here to get her. to me it was funny and today, to us, it is funny. well for the half ironman today-ryan made tshirts, lil'd and i made cardboard signs (who care if they get wet), we painted our car, and we have 2 cowbells to scream and route for her. i'm excited...i love this stuff. my children should prepare themselves because i am totally on their side and i'll be in the stand routing for them-band, sports, drama doesn't matter, i'll be there (and most likely, ryan will too). get excited lil'd, today is all about you. you got it girl...woot woot...GOOOO LIL'd!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moving Forward

It sure has been a long time, huh? Well we are both still alive and moving forward with life and the many things that are bumps along the way. A new year, brings new beginnings and many wonderful memories of what the old year had for us. We are looking forward to this new beginning in the new year. New beginning? Everyday is a new beginning...

Ryan will not be starting school yet. He is hoping to find a full-time job, possibly at a screen printing shop. I am still working at the Cancer Center as a receptionist. I am hoping to start as a Group Exercise Instructor at the UVA campus Fitness and Aquatics Center...I have heard there is a Aqua Instructor opening...I hope it becomes mine...I will be a fast Aqua class learner, not having much experience, but having the desire to learn and do it.

We are still participants in a running club-it's fun, I'm glad we do it to atleast run sometimes...I do hope to be better at running (especially in the winter). And that is life as of now.

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