Sunday, October 3, 2010

As of Late...

I've been missing from the blog scene. I asked Ryan if he would please post because I did not care to. It was the honest truth; however I am once again feeling back into the posting phase. Although there are no pictures, here are my words.

We have been loving the Charlottesville life. It has been so fun being on our own and getting to know each other again. We are in love. We have made some great friends-Sam and Sara and we spend a lot of time with them. We have 'Survivor' parties, eat dinner together, go on hikes, apple picking, to ikea and visiting mine and Ryan's parents, to highschool football games (where there is a real lion and fireworks at every touchdown!!!-really, I kid you not), to Sara's family farm, long drives, Yoders-a Mennonite store, eating at Charlottesville Buffalo Wings, trying new recipes, meals with the missionaries...really the list goes on. They are our friends and we feel grateful.

Ryan has been doing a great job at cooking meals, cleaning, and going to work. He has been looking into possible scholarships, working on puzzles, studying Russian, trying new recipes, and lots of reading. I love seeing him when I come home because we hardly saw each other the first 8 months of our marriage because of work/school schedules when we were on our own. We have been preparing for our half marathon in 2 weeks. We will make it to the end!!! We will be running a 10 Miler next weekend...a first for us on both of those occasions. I have been enjoying my job and decorating our home. Life is good, Ryan is cute, and I'm in love. We are well.

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