Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our song

This is a song that Dara and I listened to frequently while we were Dating. We danced to it at our wedding reception. Jason Mraz and colbie Caillat sound amazing together.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Что за одержимость c русскoм языкoм? (What is my obsession with the Russian language?)

It has been over two years since I completed my service as a full-time missionary in Ukraine. Since than I have occupied many free hours of my time studying, reviewing and practicing Russian. I felt a great desire, after coming home, to keep up with and master the language. I still am continuing that goal, spending time reading from the many resources I have collected, most of which Mom and Dad have given to me as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. Some I have have bought on my own. My efforts to consistently and diligently study have waxed and waned over the last two years but lately I have made a great effort to store up in my mind the grammar principles and words and phrases that one day I know I may use. Poor Dara has to compete with the Russian language for my time. I do put the books down from time to time. I admit my obsession is a little strange but its not with out reason.

I believe firmly in the gift of tongues. I experienced it on my mission, when at times, I needed to speak the language well and things I had studied just briefly a few days before were brought to my mind. I uttered words and phrases that to those I taught were clear and understandable. To me it was a miracle. One day the Lord may need to use my Russian again and I only desire to keep my mind as polished and sharp as ever when it comes to using the language. It would be great to have a native proficiency. -Ryan

These are just a few of the books I own that contribute to my progress at mastering the Russian language. My collection is far more than this small stack of books.

A great all around summary of grammar principles. It includes a variety vocabulary lists of Russian words from all different registers of the language.

This is a really neat, thorough and quite possibly definitive guide to Russian culture and living. The text is in English but it intersperses essential russian words for each topic covered.

Lately I have been carefully reading and doing the exercises in this book. It is authored by the head Russian Studies department at George Mason University, which is where I am planing on studing when Dara and I come back to live in Virginia.

The Best Russian-English/English Russian dictionary ever Kenneth Katzner is a linguistic genius. He's probobly on my top 10 list of Heroes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lately, I have been having so much trouble drying our clothes. We have a stackable washer/dryer and it's small. We can wash regular loads, but the clothes never get dry. 3 shirts were taking 2 hours to dry and they still came out damp. Today, our upstairs neighbor happened to stop by and we told him our dilemma...we followed him to the bathroom where our washer/dryer is located. This is the part where we discovered THE MONSTER from the lint trap sucking up all of our heat. He pulled out the lint trap and it was atleast 3 inches thick and about 6 inches wide: incredibly HUGE. We have included a picture. The problem was solved! It brought us back to the moments when our mom's would say:"don't forget to clean out the lint trap" and we would reluctantly say we are doing it. -Dara

From the darkness of the lint trap it crawled...

It was the LINT MONSTER!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What it do?

So, Ryan and I are both writing on this blog and it's our first time. It's fun to read blogs, but seems like so much work to keep them up. As my friends and us are spreading across the country, it really seems like the best way to keep in touch. Ryan and I are working awfully early and it just seems to get earlier every single day. I could hardly get out of bed this morning...and every morning Ryan and I both have to be like "get up and get out of bed."

We ran a 10k race on Saturday, like Ryan mentioned and it was tough. We had not trained, which was a mistake, but we both finished and we were so proud of ourselves for finishing that 6.2 mile race in about an hour's time. My right foot hurts right now, I may have a small fracture or it may just be a pulled tendon, but hopefully it will heal. I am trying not to walk on it more than I need to. Ryan and I have been using a foam roller to help our sore muscle recoop! Those things are amazing and they are fun. Ryan got me a pink one for Valentine's Day!

Everyday I love Ryan more and more and I learn a lot about myself. I have realized being married is much different from being on a mission and having a companion! In many ways it is so much better and more fun. You wake up next to your best friend every day and you give stinky breath kisses to each other and then go about your business usually different ways. However, you always return to your best friend at night grateful that you are together again.

We are making it through school. I can smell my diploma in the air...if I can only find an internship!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working and racing and longing for home.

I admit that my first attempt a establishing a blog was anything but spectacular. Visually it was little embarrassing and I'm hoping that I will lay aside any visual prejudice that have for the templates to choose from and publish on our blog things about Dara and I and what we are up to since getting married on December 27, 2008. Maybe one day I'll learn how to more expertly manipulate the visual layout of the blog, but for now I'll stick with the only thing I can do, and thats to write an entry.

As the new year quickly progresses we are our busy going to school, working. Dara and I are early birds, getting up as early as 4:00 to go to work. Dara works on the BYU campus with a custodial crew in one of the buildings. I work every other morning at Great Harvest Bread making cookies and sweets and baking all other breads. After work at the Bakery and every other day I work at Burger Supreme which is in the same shopping center as Great Harvest. Between the two jobs I take two classes at BYU. Dara is taking about 15 credits of courses for her exercise science major. She will be finished with classes after spring sememseter. We planning on moving home to Virginia where Dara is working on securing an internship for her Major. By that time I hope to be going to school full-time again eventually at George Mason University.

This is one of those times in our lives that we wish would pass by quickly. We love being near family, and although we would like to leave Utah we are gald to have some family near. Its wonderful to be living so close to the Barnetts. We spend alot of time with Laura and Kart and their two adorable kids Aiden and Emma. Most of the time we eat dinner together and watch TV like Lost. When we move back to Virginia in August we will miss them. Beth's wedding in April is just around the corner and it will wonderful to see everyone together again. Ever since Natalie's accident we have been anxious to see everyone. Its been difficult not being able to be with the family and see them more often.

One thing that is worth mentioning aside from our homesickness is that we both ran in the anual Rex Lee Run here in Provo. We both finished our first 10k. It has been a goal for the both of us for a long time. It was a challenging experience for the both of us but rewarding one none the less. We already planning to train for our next race as soon as we recover from this last one.

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