Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lately, I have been having so much trouble drying our clothes. We have a stackable washer/dryer and it's small. We can wash regular loads, but the clothes never get dry. 3 shirts were taking 2 hours to dry and they still came out damp. Today, our upstairs neighbor happened to stop by and we told him our dilemma...we followed him to the bathroom where our washer/dryer is located. This is the part where we discovered THE MONSTER from the lint trap sucking up all of our heat. He pulled out the lint trap and it was atleast 3 inches thick and about 6 inches wide: incredibly HUGE. We have included a picture. The problem was solved! It brought us back to the moments when our mom's would say:"don't forget to clean out the lint trap" and we would reluctantly say we are doing it. -Dara

From the darkness of the lint trap it crawled...

It was the LINT MONSTER!!

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Dorothy said... guys didn't know you have to empty the lint trap? C'mon, how'd you ever do laundry before you got married? ;)

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