Saturday, March 21, 2009

Что за одержимость c русскoм языкoм? (What is my obsession with the Russian language?)

It has been over two years since I completed my service as a full-time missionary in Ukraine. Since than I have occupied many free hours of my time studying, reviewing and practicing Russian. I felt a great desire, after coming home, to keep up with and master the language. I still am continuing that goal, spending time reading from the many resources I have collected, most of which Mom and Dad have given to me as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. Some I have have bought on my own. My efforts to consistently and diligently study have waxed and waned over the last two years but lately I have made a great effort to store up in my mind the grammar principles and words and phrases that one day I know I may use. Poor Dara has to compete with the Russian language for my time. I do put the books down from time to time. I admit my obsession is a little strange but its not with out reason.

I believe firmly in the gift of tongues. I experienced it on my mission, when at times, I needed to speak the language well and things I had studied just briefly a few days before were brought to my mind. I uttered words and phrases that to those I taught were clear and understandable. To me it was a miracle. One day the Lord may need to use my Russian again and I only desire to keep my mind as polished and sharp as ever when it comes to using the language. It would be great to have a native proficiency. -Ryan

These are just a few of the books I own that contribute to my progress at mastering the Russian language. My collection is far more than this small stack of books.

A great all around summary of grammar principles. It includes a variety vocabulary lists of Russian words from all different registers of the language.

This is a really neat, thorough and quite possibly definitive guide to Russian culture and living. The text is in English but it intersperses essential russian words for each topic covered.

Lately I have been carefully reading and doing the exercises in this book. It is authored by the head Russian Studies department at George Mason University, which is where I am planing on studing when Dara and I come back to live in Virginia.

The Best Russian-English/English Russian dictionary ever Kenneth Katzner is a linguistic genius. He's probobly on my top 10 list of Heroes.

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