Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What it do?

So, Ryan and I are both writing on this blog and it's our first time. It's fun to read blogs, but seems like so much work to keep them up. As my friends and us are spreading across the country, it really seems like the best way to keep in touch. Ryan and I are working awfully early and it just seems to get earlier every single day. I could hardly get out of bed this morning...and every morning Ryan and I both have to be like "get up and get out of bed."

We ran a 10k race on Saturday, like Ryan mentioned and it was tough. We had not trained, which was a mistake, but we both finished and we were so proud of ourselves for finishing that 6.2 mile race in about an hour's time. My right foot hurts right now, I may have a small fracture or it may just be a pulled tendon, but hopefully it will heal. I am trying not to walk on it more than I need to. Ryan and I have been using a foam roller to help our sore muscle recoop! Those things are amazing and they are fun. Ryan got me a pink one for Valentine's Day!

Everyday I love Ryan more and more and I learn a lot about myself. I have realized being married is much different from being on a mission and having a companion! In many ways it is so much better and more fun. You wake up next to your best friend every day and you give stinky breath kisses to each other and then go about your business usually different ways. However, you always return to your best friend at night grateful that you are together again.

We are making it through school. I can smell my diploma in the air...if I can only find an internship!

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Emily Baird said...

I'm glad you guys are blogging too! Congratulations on your race. You really inspire me, you know. Maybe next week I'll lace up my shoes. First I need some new laces, though....

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