Monday, November 16, 2009

Alone..In a cabin...It was Friday the 13...It was fun.

In celebration of Dara's new job and as an early 1 year anniversary trip we drove to Heathsville, VA to stay for the weekend at our Uncle Paul's cabin along the Rappahannock River. When Dara and I make plans we are not easily swayed by a weather report to stay home. We ignored the stormy weather and Thursday morning made our way south. We arrived in the afternoon and spent all day Friday, and Saturday morning there. We spent time reading (Dara got hooked on the Twilight series), playing card games and watching movies. I have to say that when we arrived we were a bit discouraged. Before us on the muddy dirt road to the secluded cabin was a tree that had fallen over. The weather was still rather miserable and although it wasn't a downpour, it was still raining. We parked our car at a neighbors home and climbed over the tree carrying a suitcase and a couple of bags with food for the weekend. It suddenly dawned on us about then that it was the weekend of Friday the 13. From where we parked it was about a quarter of a mile to the cabin. We were hoping that we wouldn't run into anyone wearing a hockey mask. No one would've heard scream had it turned out like a scary movie. Fortunately for us we felt rather safe and at home. It was even a little romantic. It was nice to get away from home for a little bit and enjoy being just us. The road block made our trip more adventurous than we planned on but I got to show off some muscle and carry our bags. Dara was impressed. It was a great weekend.

The tree that blocked the road

I promised Dara that I wouldn't drop the bag.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I just completed the last day of my internship this past Friday November 06, 2009. I had such a great time working with such great people and learning the hands-on of my field, Exercise and Wellness Management. I mailed the forms back to BYU that same day and I have completed all requirements to graduate this upcoming December...oh it feels great to have accomplished such a huge task! I was an intern at the Prince William Hospital Fitness Center.

Jenn, Justin, Me, Tanaya, and Lauren...the PWH Fitness Center Staff...that's how we do!

Robin, from the Wellness Center, and me.

Lisa, from the Wellness Center, and me.

The light within the tunnel...

All too often the tunnel of life narrows in on you and you feel as though there is no light and no way out! Ryan and I have been blessed to find a full-time job opportunity for me...this is truly a light at the end of the tunnel! I have been offered a job at an Oral Surgery Center in Annandale, Va doing Scheduling for the Oral Surgeons. It is a full-time, benefits, good pay job opportunity and I start November 16, 2009. We are able to see the light much brighter now. I found out that I received the job November 02, 2009 and let's just say, I want to call Ryan every day and tell him I received a full-time job after what I came home to that evening:)...

The plop of ketchup on the meat is in the shape of a heart!

Soft music was playing from the computer and there were rose petals everywhere

Oh how I love him!

South Carolina

This last weekend, we had the opportunity to go down with my mom to Goose Creek, South Carolina to visit the Elison's. It was so much fun seeing my nieces, spending time with Dorothy (my sister), Trevor, and the other Elison's (Trevor's parents). It was a special weekend in which we were visiting for Scarlett's blessing day, November 01, 2009. It is great living closer to Dorothy and her family. Aaron and Jen even came down to visit for one night. We sure had a great time.

Ryan feel asleep on the way...

"What?" oooohhhh nooooo cute Chloe

Chloe was a cow...padded butt and stomach...tooooo cute (moo)

Grandma Nas and Scarlett the Cheetah

Fo'Real, Dewey chose these classes out of the winnings for the Bean Bag toss...too cool!

The cute baby to be blessed, Scarlett Rose in a beautiful dress that Grandma Elison made

The family picture after the blessing!

Music we love

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