Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The end of a chapter...

Our time in Utah is coming to an end. We are so excited to go home to Virginia, where we can move on with life. I'll be completing a 10 week internship with L&T Health and Fitness (a company based out of Falls Church; I will be at Prince William Hospital) and Ryan will be working and going to school as soon as possible. We have had a great time living in Utah and being on our own, but we could never live here because it just doesn't feel like home. Ryan and I have been able to spend more time together. I actually get to see him for more than 1 hour a day. We have a lot of fun together and lately we have been running together. It is really fun to run with Ryan because he encourages me to keep going and I encourage him to pick a pace. Life is great when you are married to your best friend. And by the way, we only have 6 more days at our jobs! Hallelujah because I am sick of waking up at 4am and coming home to be alone ALL day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Qt's wedding and the 6 monther!

We went home to Virginia for my brother's wedding...I now have a cool new sister in law, Jen. She is Ryan's cousin...we gotta stay within the family, my brother QT loves me too much to leave me...Aaron and Jen got married June 26, 2009 in the Washington DC Temple...where eternity is made!

(Qt and Jen walking out of the temple)

(They are so cute)

(My sisters, Dars and Lil d)

(It is June 26th, our 6 month wedding anniversary...we did NOT want our cake to taste stank after one year...Happy Anniversary)

(I love this photo because Ryan says I look like white trash...I have missing teef!)

Goodbye Shannon and hello vacation...

Ryan and I went on a "half off appetizers" date the night before we flew home to Virginia! Ryan changed my smile with the's cool....

Shannon is one of my best friends. We were Resident Assistants together 05-06 at BYU. She is a 6th grade teacher from California. She is going to start a job in Virginia and I am so excited because we'll be close. This was actually a farewell party for her!

We had the opportunity to go home!! We love Virginia. We were home for a week and did lots of fun things with our parents and siblings. We are grateful that our families live so close to one another. We got to see my cute niece Chloe:

My sister "lil d" is a great griller...she was doin her thang on the grill...

St. Jorge and the Kusileks

(It is Ryan and I, then Ali and Perris, and our dear friend Carrie)

(Oh I love Ryan and I am so excited about our tandem ride...sorry no pic of Ryan driving)

(Many of the Ali Girlfriends)

Really, it has been a LONG time. I would like to take this time to add some updates and a couple of posts so that all may know what Ryan and I have been up to. We have had lots of fun adventures this past monthish. I will first write about our trip to St. George. We went to SG for our friends Ali and Perris Kusileks wedding and it was simply wonderful. We had the opportunity to ride a tandem bike for our first time...that was scary because Ryan started peddling and I was holding on for dear life. It is a lot of team work. One day, Ryan and I will own a tandem bike so that we may go on bike rides together. I look forward to that day. Ali and Perris both looked wonderful on their wedding day. We had the opportunity to see the whole Whicker family (Ali's family) and it was just so fun. We were grateful that we could be there for their wedding.

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