Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Qt's wedding and the 6 monther!

We went home to Virginia for my brother's wedding...I now have a cool new sister in law, Jen. She is Ryan's cousin...we gotta stay within the family, my brother QT loves me too much to leave me...Aaron and Jen got married June 26, 2009 in the Washington DC Temple...where eternity is made!

(Qt and Jen walking out of the temple)

(They are so cute)

(My sisters, Dars and Lil d)

(It is June 26th, our 6 month wedding anniversary...we did NOT want our cake to taste stank after one year...Happy Anniversary)

(I love this photo because Ryan says I look like white trash...I have missing teef!)


Steven and Caitlin said...

Aaron looks so happy!
Looks like you guys had fun! We're excited to see you. I think we're going from August 25th til September 8. Steven won't come til September 3rd, though.

Beth said...

haha! That's so cute! Mike and I ate our cake the day we got back from our honeymoon! haha... we wouldn't have room for it in his fridge, and I had to move out of my former place of residence, so we just sat there in the kitchen at ate some of it. haha

Courtney and Ben said...

I'm so excited for Aaron and Jennifer! That was all I talked about for like a week and I'm sure Ben got sick of it. It looks like your family is as wonderful as ever! Happy Anniversary!

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