Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Baby Update

Baby time is right around the corner. I'm not sure who is more excited, Ryan or I?! My baby is big...I'm not exaggerating-of course there are always bigger babies out there, but Lillian is gonna be a big one! 2 weeks ago at her ultrasound, she was 7lb 7oz....that's my girl:) At her ultrasound, she also showed us that she is breeched...more specifically "Frank Breeched." That's my favorite breech position that we learned about in Child Birth Class-she is pretty much in a 'v' position holding up her legs. She is probably using my rib as a pull up bar because she used to be low and now she is really high. At 32 weeks, she was head down and right in a good position, getting lower each day-well between 32 and 36 weeks she changed position and is now riding high. Already with a mind and might of her own...

So what can you do-you schedule a C-Section-and I'm okay with that. Right now, with planning involved, she will come December 6th (hopefully in a wooden shoe, set out by St Nick-that's St Nick day ya know, put out your shoes)...Obviously she'll be precious and beautiful-and BIG. Oh I can't wait to hold my baby burrito and to see Ryan as she gets wrapped around his little finger-or does he get wrapped around her finger? Either way, he's going to be such a happy daddy-and so proud too.

However, if she decides she will be coming between now and 12/6/11...I would most likely start labor and go in for an "emergency" c-section...the only reason it would be emergency is because it wouldn't be planned and my OBGYN's office policy is not to deliver a breeched baby vaginally-and realy that is OKAY with me. I'll take Lillian whenever she is ready, so will Ryan, I'm sure of it!

In other Baird news, Ryan is finishing up classes...guess when his last day is!? It is 12/6/11 and he is scheduled to miss it, but he doesn't mind. He is really smart and I know he'll have amazing grades. He is also working hard at CustomInk and loves it. And to top that all off, he is doing very well in the Air Force ROTC. He looks really good in his uniform, it doesn't matter if it is his blue uniform, khaki and tshirt uniform, or pt uniform...he is looking mighty fine. I am working, and yes, full-time...I'd get bored at home sitting around waiting...let's be honest, the house isn't getting any cleaner whenever I am home (and Ryan puts up with me). I am taking naps when I get home from work which help me feel wonderful and able to stay up and talk with Ryan a little after he is done with work. I am not teaching Exercise Classes for the rest of the semester and will start back up mid January. My feet are BigFoot Feet because they are swollen and 3x the normal size-I feel like they could burst open at any time! I wear the same smelly flip flops every day...and Ryan has been instructed that if I wear them home from the hospital, they must be thrown away the VERY first thing we do when we enter the house.

And there is a quick update on Baby and the Baird's in Charlottesville:)


Loral said...

great post dara! i am so excited for you guys. i hope all goes well!

Caitlin said...

you forgot a picture of you baby belly! it was great talking to you the other night. miss you, love you, can't wait to see lillian!

Lynette said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can wait to see her. Thanks for the update Dara!

Ali said...

LOVE THIS! hahahaa and you make me laugh so much. SHe will have HIM wrapped around her finger, fyi. And it is so exciting she is almost out and in your arms. you will be so so so in love. It is inexplicable and the love just grows more and more as they grow. you are hilarious. air force uniforms are sexy, and i know about huge will go away! and yes THROW OUT THOSE FLIP FLOPS 1st thing!love you.

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