Sunday, May 10, 2009

My birthday was the best!

My birthday was so banging! It was my first birthday (besides one in Guatemala, which was just different all together) that I was not with my Shreffler family! I was however, with my Baird/Barnett family and it was so fun! Ryan made me breakfast and we got a yummy cake. He got me everything I wanted and held my hand all day! It was fun being with Laura and Kart and having dinner together and watching LOST. I have the coolest families everrrr!!! I felt so lucky and special this day! (However, I feel lucky and special everyday). Thank you for making my birthday so great and fun!

My breakfast in bed

Isn't it cute? All homemade with love by Ryan<3

My scrumptuous cake

Of course I blew them all out!

Oh it was banging!

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