Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love my family and I love my friends, but most of all I love my dear husband. Lately I have been feeling stressed...okay always I am feeling stressed and Ryan is always willing to listen to me...even at 11pm when I have to be to work at 430am. I miss Ryan all day when I am at school/home and he is gone at work with the car. I need to get a project so that I will not waste away my last couple weeks in Utah. I am excited to leave Utah and go home to family, but these years of being a college student have taugh me so much! I have learned to be independent and realize that I can make things work on my own. I can get my homework done, work a job, and socialize and not be too bad off. I miss being near any family for many years, but my friends have helped me get through...and now that I am married, I have actual family near and it is fun to be together. I realized that I cannot remember (or do not understand) how I made it through life for 23 years without Ryan. I knew him for many years and always had a secret crush, but my life is so much better and happier with him in it. He is my best friend. I love his hedgehog hair and i just love him.

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