Saturday, May 22, 2010

We've got your back...

a 5K: 3.1 miles! Today, May 22, 2010- Ryan, Mom B., Nas, Sharon (Shreffler Family friend), Penny, Carly (Baird family friends), and I ran this 5k, raising money for Spinal Research. It was so fun. We are all very proud of ourselves and each other. We all finished and it was everybody's first race (except Ryan and I). It was fun to do it all together.

This was taken before the race...we were excited and nervous...

This was taken after the race. Our smiles are bigger and we are so proud of ourselves. We made a friend-Zebra pants man. He high-fived me on the race course and looked totally awesome in his outfit. We had to include him in our picture.


Steven and Caitlin said...

woo hoo! nice job you guys! i liked the guy in the zebra pants...he looked cool!

that looked like a good meal ryan made! isn't it nice having husbands that cook? i never cook on the weekends!

wish i could have been at your party!

Lynette said...

D money! I'm proud of you all too! Thats awesome that you got everyone together for that. Miss you!

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