Sunday, May 9, 2010

And now, my birthday post number 1-the Silver Star cake

My husband wasn't jokin when he said he WOULD make me a silver star cake (silver because it's my 25th 'silver' year on this earth and a star because that is my favorite shape). Shoo, he should be working for Ace of Cakes. He bought fondant, silver dust, lemon extract, a star cake pan, etc and did such a beautiful job. The cake was really good too. He put so much time and love into it! I am grateful for his hard work.

Laying and molding the fondant...

He looked really cute and serious making the cake (see how his glasses are sliding down?).

painting the silver dust (mixed with lemon extract). 2 coats did the trick.

Oh my goodness, it is truly a masterpiece made with a lot of time and LOVE. I am so happy for my beautiful cake and my handsome husband who took the time to make it.

Oh 25 candles...I blew them all out (hopefully my wish will come true) day you may learn my wish, but i can't spoil it now!

And I would love to note that my husband has great culinary skills and he got those from his parents. They are always experimenting with foods and spices; it is a great treat to eat with them and enjoy their flava's!


Jami and James said...

That's so fun! It looks great, Ryan! AND Happy Birthday to Dara!

Lynette said...

D your cake is bling blingin! Ryans got some skills.

Laura said...

Ryan- that cake is a-maz-ing! Nice job!!

Steven and Caitlin said...

LOVE IT! that cake is awesome! Ryan must love you!
thanks for calling today. it made my day!

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