Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How was your day...?

Often, upon returning home, I am asked the question-"how was your day?" Now I definitely don't mean to sound too pessimistic, but lately my days have been stinky...and by days, I mean my "day" job. I used to think it would be totally fun working a 9-5 job and let's just say-it's not fun, when you're not in the "job" you were meant to be at. I really realize that there are many steps on the ladder of life to finding your dream job (and yes, on occassion people have it right from the start), however, I am grateful that I have an ok job. I work as a scheduler for an Oncology/Hematology Office and now I am working out of Gainesville. I enjoy talking to people, to a point...but sometimes people are just totally strange, totally wacko, or just totally out of line. Obviously, I haven't been understanding to who these people are that I am talking you know how many times I have heard "don't you know who I am?" or something along those same lines on the phone? Unfortunately, I do not know who you are because I have never even seen a limo pull up with paparazzi outside snapping photos (or maybe I never got the memo of the importance of these people that need to be seen RIGHT NOW).

Mind you-the calaber of many people's situations is not fun, happy, exciting, or anything to that compassion is needed, and compassion I do use...i do feel sorry with these people. I have learned with great understanding...

1. the importance of family support
2. the importance to be a compliant patient-following doctor's orders
3. the importance of preparation
4. the importance of good health
5. the importance of a smile
6. the importance of a listening ear
7. the importance of laughing often
8. the importance of God's true and everlasting Plan of Salvation

and for now I will stop at 8 (it's my favorite number, you know). So, although I feel bombarded with the stresses of answering the phone and being in the job I am at...I am grateful that I can come to the office with muchos suprises waiting only a phone call away...

And in other great day news

1. my evenings have been funfilled with seeing my best friend Caitlin
2. my birthday is tomorrow:)

1 comment:

Lynette said...

HAppy birthday Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you! one more time. Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you! cha cha cha! How was your day?! ;)

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