Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing Up

Often times, I sit at work and think of things that need to get done. I am really working...when the phone rings, when an emergency prevails, when patients are standing at the window in front of me...I enjoy working as a member of the front office staff. It is a great job for the time being, but I do look forward to the day when I will have the opportunity to become a mother.

Anyways, Ryan is working hard at school. Did you know that he is doing exceptionally well at taking 20 credits!? He is receiving wonderful grades, keeping up with readings, becoming a leader in group projects. I am so proud of him and appreciate his desire to work hard so that one day I can stay home. Not only is he working hard, but he is also thinking about the future.

I have been accomplishing the task of going to the gym. The half marathon is coming up in October and as far away as it will be here before we know it. 13.1 miles should not be run without training. Ryan has been inspiring me to go the gym and encourages me to go each day, whether first thing in the morning or right after work. I am working 40 hours a week...and guess what? Our benefits, real life benefits are starting this week! We have many doctor's appointments planned for next week so we can get things underway. We are truly growing up...

Growing up is not as much fun as I thought it was going to be...(Yoga in 10 minutes everyone...). I suppose I thought it would be more fun in different ways. I thought budgeting would be fun and that you would have so much money that it would be easy. I enjoyed it in the 4th grade...However, I would like to mention that it is more fun than I thought in other ways. Having Ryan for a best friend, is pretty awesome. He is really cute and always patient and nice to me...what more could you ask for in a friend. You should see him dance, he is really good!! You realize, as you grow up, that you have more imagination than you thought...without an imagination, how could you make $10 go such a long way?? How else could you make trash such a treasure. These years are helping us be the best that we can be! So it actually is amazing to grow up and is a blessing. Oh, there is much joy in the years to come...(and there is much joy in the years that have passed).


Dorothy said...

"I am pissed off!!" Forgot to tell you that it was on again about 2 weeks ago! Great post bebs!

Steven and Caitlin said...

growing up does have its ups and downs! remember when we couldn't wait to grow up? and sometimes i sit back and think, "am i really old enough to be doing all of this?" so crazy!

Lynette said...

oh Dawa! You are growing up! Benefits! Have fun at the doc lady. Oh and I know what you mean.... like the job but looking more forward to being a mom.

Ali said...

haha oh D i love this. And how much you love ryan's dancing. I'll never forget boogying to goosebumps music with you hoodlums halloween 2008!!!!!

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