Thursday, March 18, 2010

And times goes on...

Good Morning,

Oh the days have flown by since that jam session...and now the house feels totally empty. The girls and Dorothy are gone and we ALL miss them. There were no sweet kisses this morning...or chunks to snuggle against. My older sister, best friend, compadre, partner in crime has become a mother! I always knew she would be a great mother...she did my hair in up-do's every.single day in the 4th grade. She got us ready to go to school. She carried me around on her back. She always let me sit on her when we watched tv as young kids. Sometimes, she let me sleep in her big bed and would lay her arm over me like a floppy fish so I couldn't move and was stuck and would scream! She was my dance partner at the young single adult dances. She also made sure we had fun things to do together so that we were busy on the weekends when she returned from her mission. She let me be on the "hang-outs" with her and Trevor...I mean seriously, she was bound to be a good mother and IS a great mother! And now she isn't here...but I will be there (in NY) within 3 weeks to cuidar the little ninas while she goes on a cruise to Bermuda (Bahama, come on pretty momma) with her beau, Trevor for the 5 year anniversary!

Mom is no longer sick...Ryan has caught up on rest...and dad is still kickin it...and I am doing well. This whole working full-time thing isn't as much fun as I thought it would brings home the bacon, but takes a lot of time and energy out of your day. Obviously, so does taking 20 credits!...I wouldn't trade places with Ryan right now...been to school and done it and glad I did it, but even happier that it's over! Oh life is good...and moving forward...but let me tell you, there is a lot of faith that has been required lately (well always). It's alright though, the Lord is with us.always.forever.

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