Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lately, I have been thinking about Guatemala. The reason being that it is now starting to rain more often and the sun is out longer and it is beautiful here in Virginia, but not as beautiful as the "Land of Eternal Spring." I mean look at it...that is a real picture! Isn't it beautiful? It is a lot of fun to talk about mission experiences with Ryan, and believe me, we do spend considerable time saying "One time, on my mission..." Isn't that love? I am working on a book of mission pictures and it brings back so many great memories. My two year mark of being home is fast approaching (April 8) and the memories always seem to explode around these times that important dates are in my head regarding mission experiences. What a joy it is to know in the gospel that one day I will see all my faithful family from Guatemala and live in eternal happiness with them.

We walked off of the beaten path and were up to our eyeballs in mosquitoes and ferns!

This is how we rolled...actually, we walked, but this is how the people rolled by...go green and take a friend (often times 3 people were on that bike-somebody can sit on those handlebars)

The "Waters of Mormon"...beautiful site!

Everything was carried on your head. Beautiful family, beautiful house, beautiful laundry line...just beautiful everything!!


Laura said...

It's fun to see pictures of you on your mission! What a beautiful place.

Lynette said...

wow D! two years. seriously?! Gosh we have grown up so fast! I remember the day you came home! Tolky teedle there I was. Haha. AWWWW I so wish I was in VA too!!! Did you run a marathon? I am out of shape. You inspire me. But, since its getting warmer I am definitely running more

Ali said...

oooh i love it, i have never seen your mission pics!!

Dorothy said...

Love this post. It's hard when the saudades hit huh?! I don't know how to say it in English- saudades is like when you miss something a lot. Beautiful pictures. You've posted a lot lately and I just haven't seen it.

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