Sunday, February 14, 2010

Smooch your Spouse

There sure has been a week of snow...and no school for my family! Ryan got an entire week off and my mom didn't have to go to school either, but my brother did have to do some practical work for school. He is working hard on his EMT career choice and loves it! I actually got a day off because my company was closed for the day due to bad weather...loved it! We all wonder how long it will be before the snow is so crazy to see how much snow we got.

I took my AFAA test on Friday to *hopefully* receive my Group Exercise Certification. It was in Richmond (they have very little snow compared to here) and I drove down that morning and drove home that evening. There was a practical part and a written test and I feel that I received passing scores in both...but I will not know for about 6 weeks! I am glad that test is over, I have been waiting for it for about 3 months.

Ryan and I went shopping yesterday and then made dinner for my parents. It was a lot of fun being together because while he has been home, I have been working. He has been addicted to the Wii all week with Aaron. We all had fun playing the Wii...and even got new games for Aaron because his birthday was last Sunday. We even have fun on the Wii with Ryan's family! Love it.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Enjoy being with the ones you love and do not be afraid to tell them you love them. Smooch your spouse!

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Nick and Blaire said...

Love you Dara! I am so glad you guys are doing so wonderfully!

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