Sunday, July 22, 2012

The City of Brotherly Love

Did we have fun or what!?  About two weeks ago, we headed on our very first family vacation-to Philadelphia.  Actually, we went to the Valley Forge Area to visit and stay with one of Ryan's Mission Companions and his family.  The drive was fun-we took the scenic route around to the West and stopped in West Virginia to eat at Cracker Barrel:
I want this huge lollipop

The Perfect Size Chair
We all arrived alive!  We played a lot of games, stayed up late, watched "Parking Wars" (to prepare for our visit to the PPA), went sight seeing, played with the kiddos, Trader Joe's, Kings of Prussia Mall (the biggest mall in Amurrica), drive through Valley Forge, watched Flo Rida on Good Morning America, etc...I mean honestly-it was awesome.  Here are some pictures of our adventures:

This is how you ride!

The Thinker


Yes I did run up the stairs with Lillian in the backpack

This is the site where the LDS temple will be built in Philly-hard to believe that something so beautiful will be built on top of a parking lot soon!


Hershel's Deli-Soooooo good! Pastrami sandwich

Love Park

Mike's Philly Cheese Steak!!!

The city that loves you back:)

MY FAVORITE STOP!!!!  I WATCHED (AND REWATCHED) EVERY EPISODE-we rode the train into Philly, I have seen what could happen to you when you drive in
The trip was a lot of fun.  We are trying to be more adventurous-we are succeeding:)


Dorothy said...

Great pics. I love the previous post too. Little newborn baby- so cute. That pastrami sammy looked awesome.

Laura said...

Yeaaa for family road trips! They're so much fun. I'm glad you guys are getting to be "more adventurous". Lillian is getting so big and SOOO cute! I loved the pictures of her at the reunion. I'm so sad I haven't seen her in person in so long. I miss all 3 of you guys! Hope you're having a great summer. It looks like you are!

Caitlin said...

sounds like a fun trip! it was fun talking to you the other day. hag in there with ryan being gone!

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