Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bucket List

I made a bucket list my Sophomore year of college-it was really deep and occasionally I find it where-I-put-it-and-wouldn't-forget-but-I-can't-find-it-right-now...I wanted to donate my hair.  After having worked at an Oncology (Cancer) office for a good 2 years, I saw the need for wigs on a daily basis.  My hair will grow back anyways, so why not?  Now I am a mom, so people may assume I did it because of that, but it isn't, however it sure is nice to not have to do much.  I finally had 10in. to donate and I asked Ryan and Lillian to come and support me...Here is the process:

so long, long hair

It was cut off with a razor!!

my first professional hair weave (as called in Utah) (or "highlight" as we say in Virginia)
i love it

I mailed it to Locks of Love and got a "thank you" post card in was printed for "Dana"-oh well, atleast I received a cool post card!!

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