Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I will be doing tomorrow

In my previous post, I stated that I would work out agression during my 30-20-10 class...and I did...I can hardly walk today, but it is a good feeling. I am feeling more calm and more in control and Lillian is fine! I have yet to call a new pediatrician, which I will be doing tomorrow. Even though I know how it is with switching doctors (I have worked in Doctor's offices for years now people), I am nervous about switching because I feel 'bad.' I am going to do it tomorrow.

Know what else I am going to do tomorrow...see Miranda Lambert in concert!

hahahahhooohooo people, it'll be so awesome. I am going with my friend Trish-lady's night.

For now, Ryan is studying, Lillian is sleeping (and making squeaky noises in her sleep), and I am asking myself "why aren't I sleeping." Goodnight.

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Tanaya and Tim said...

I know it's been a while since this post, but I haven't checked your blog for a while. How hard to hear things you have to do that you're not sure about for your baby. You have a right to feel that way, and don't feel bad about switching doctors. I am pregnant and switched my doctor at week 24! No big deal. Do what is right for you.

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