Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gramma Billie

My only living Grandparent (from either side) is Gramma Billie (my father's mother)...we have called her Gramma Billie our entire lives (and we have always spelled gramma just like that for her). She was our gramma who lived "far away" in Florida and we only go to see every other summertime-ish. She was a fashionable lady and always had the neatest jewelry (she would buy us play jewelry). When she was around, you always painted nails and went on walks, but you HAD to remember your stick...because we would find LOTS of bugs and dirt along the road. We would count the ants in the ant hole and push the leaves away from the road. She loved candy corn and the color pink. For my first grade picture, she fluffed my bangs up (early 90s style) and I was rockin' it in my onzie outfit that zipped up the front and had those stirrup loops on the bottom (and you all wore those same kind of pants/suits, so don't hate). She liked taking us to our elementary school play ground and we would ride around in her white oldsmobile with a huge tire on the back with a silver hupcap and blue top-windows were always down.

These are all memories-my dear gramma has Alzheimer's Disease and lives in a nursing home. When I go to visit her, she doesn't even know who I am (and I remind her several times). She is a great listener and will always comment on what you tell her (even if it is just "uh hmmm" and "whatever makes you happy"). She still loves to go on walks and moves her arms a lot like a power walker. She is 89 and on July 14th met her 2 great grand daughters for the first time. She loved Scarlett (the baby) and cooed at her the whole time. She tried speaking to Chloe, but Chloe was a little shy at the nursing home.


Lynette said...

awww Gramma Billie! I remember visiting her! She is going strong.

Dorothy said...

That's a great post. I forgot a lot of those things about her. I did remember the painted nails. Love you!

Steven and Caitlin said...

what a cute post about your gramma!

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