Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life gets better, and brighter everyday.

Well this week has come to an end. And its refreshing to know that the school semester is over. Dara is more relieved having completed all of the classes for her major. She only has two more classes next semester. Dara is almost done here at BYU. She finally got officially accepted into the internship that she wanted and we're making plans for moving back to Virginia. We can't wait for the next chapter in our lives to begin. The months ahead will be challenging as Dara finishes school and I continue to work full-time. I am already starting to look for a job in Virginia and preparing to go back to school. We have our ups and downs but we have each other for support. One of the goals that Dara and I are working on is our personal prayers and scripture study. Both of us are doing more to increase our faith. President Thomas S Monson in the last General Conference said the the future is as bright as your faith. This week has brought us a little closer together and strengthened our faith and our resolve to do what is right. I am happy to say that we are optimistic about the future. It looks brighter every day.

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