Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Success in C-ville

Dear Family and Friends,

Dara and I are pleased to announce that she was offered a job at the Hope Cancer Center here in Charlottesville. We feel grateful that everything is comming together. I'm still working out everything for getting into school in January and finding employment. One thing we're enjoying is time off and time to ourselves. After going non-stop for a while a vacation in our newly established home was long overdue. Thanks to both of our parents we were able to get settled in our new home and what I enjoy about it is that it really does have the feeling of home a place just for Dara and I and our family to be. We love it down here so far. We have already made aquaintance with some nice people in the neigborhood and the ward down here. One thing that we would like to do is see the natural bridge. Its on Dara's list of things to see.


Lynette said...

Congratulations Dara! That was fast! We are crossing our fingers for you Ryan. We know everything will work out.

Steven and Caitlin said...

yay! it sounds like things are going well! call me when you get a chance!

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