Thursday, June 3, 2010


you just have one of those moments (or a lot of those moments) when you wonder why so many doors are closing in your life...and then of course you know that saying "when one door closes another one opens..." I suppose it just seems difficult to wait for the other doors to open. They will always open...sometimes it takes a little bit longer than you were hoping for. I think, it's times like these when all those doors seem to be closing, that you realize how many things you have to be grateful for...did you know that my people of Guatemala are suffering?? A sink hole, a hurricane, and a volcano!!?? The volcano erupted in my mission and in contact I have had with people there...things are not going very well. They rarely having running water and when it comes, it's contaminated with all the ash and debris from the volcano. Now believe me bloggy people, my people of Guatemala have hard times and live harder lives than we could imagine-but they are the happiest, wonderfuliest, greatest, bestest people alive (in my opinion of course). There is happiness to be found in all things- even when it feels as though the doors keep closing and no doors are opening. Hold to the rod, walk slower on the straight and narrow path...and the doors will slowly begin to open-one door at a time-until you don't have enough room to store all the blessings coming from all of the open doors. It's a promise.from the would feel better if you trust in Him.promise.

Somos locos (and don't mind my crazy eyes)


En serio, somos locos

See, I have walked in another's shoes ya know!

La Sociedad de Socorro


Steven and Caitlin said...

holy cow! i haven't been watching the news! that's so crazy to hear about all the things happening all over the world. the second coming is getting close!

Tanaya and Tim said...

How cool to see pictures from your mission. I hope all goes well there with the sinkholes. :( I liked the thoughts in your post as well. You and I are having some doors close and others open with our moves, etc. Good luck and let me know if you ever need to chat.

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